Having a MID life crisis?

A chargeback and fraud mitigation solution designed with e-commerce merchants in mind.

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scaling your business and losing less revenue to friendly fraud and chargebacks.


one consolidated dashboard that provides chargeback alerts, representment, and key transactional data – all in one place.


a way to prevent fraud before it even happens through the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Fraud Wrangler - The Solution to Your MID Life Crisis

Five-in-One Fraud Solution

This comprehensive, five-in-one solution forecasts fraud, automates incoming alerts, and reduces overall chargeback percentages, so that you can stay compliant without killing conversions.

For e-Commerce

The e-commerce landscape can be treacherous. Business owners need a streamlined solution that brings new and emerging MID preservation technologies together through one dashboard, one API, and one vendor relationship.

The 5 Elements

Five components, one solution – all designed to meet your needs throughout transaction and merchant account lifecycles.

Frictionless 3DS

A card brand protocol functioning as a risk-based, frictionless customer authentication tool.

  • 3DS authenticates customers at the point-of-purchase, utilizing issuer risk-based data and analyzing for accuracy and security.
  • 3DS operates behind the scenes, without disturbing the customer experience or influencing shopping cart abandonment.
  • Merchants experience better interchange qualifications with 3DS, along with enhanced security during customer checkout. Liability coverage on successfully authenticated transactions helps protect merchants from friendly fraud.

Risk Factor Alerts

Alerts and warnings before chargebacks actually happen.

  • Provides pre-chargeback alerts through CRM overwatch and chargeback predictor software.
  • Real-time oversight that identifies risk factors and potential events that could become chargebacks.
  • Fully-automated, constant monitoring of transactions.

Chargeback Interception

A system catching inbound chargeback alerts and disputes.

  • Fraud Wrangler’s Chargeback Interception tool prevents and combats chargebacks.
  • The Chargeback Interception tool handles incoming chargeback alerts and resolves them before they become chargebacks.
  • Chargeback Interception provides real-time refunds on behalf of the merchant, visible in CRM reporting.
  • Chargeback Interception supports merchants in all markets and industries, especially those with the potential for high chargeback rates.
  • Chargeback Interception keeps merchant accounts active longer by utilizing processor-level interception, not CRM-level dispute interception.


A tool to win back rightfully earned transaction revenue.

  • The representment service pulls transactional details and packages the information for the issuing bank, for the purpose of reclaiming proceeds from a contested transaction. The representment package includes transactional information like checkout page transaction validation, tracking history displaying shipping and delivery of the purchase, and other consumer information pertinent to transaction authentication legitimacy.
  • The representment tool offers in-depth chargeback analytics and reporting that protects merchants from current and future threats.
  • Representment offers protection from friendly fraud attempts (intentional or unintentional).

Post-Termination Refunds

A service preventing chargebacks after MID closure.

  • Post-termination refunds help merchants save money and possibly receive merchant account reserves sooner.
  • Utilizing post-termination refunds, merchants can keep their account in good standing with banks and card brands, allowing for acquisition of future merchant accounts.
  • Merchants can avoid crippling costs associated with chargebacks plaguing their business after merchant account closure.