Having a MID life crisis?

Introducing automated, AI-powered “lifespan protection” for your eCommerce MIDs.

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A way to prevent chargebacks before they even happen through the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Scaling your business and losing less revenue due to poor customer satisfaction and chargebacks.


One consolidated dashboard that provides chargeback alerts and key transactional data – all in one place.

Fraud Wrangler - The Solution to Your MID Life Crisis

An AI-Powered Risk Solution

Created by former card brand executives and proven eCommerce experts, Fraud Wrangler is your new automated, AI-enabled transaction monitoring system. Using proprietary machine-learning technology, Fraud Wrangler provides instant, automated decision-making that heads off chargebacks before they occur. Think of Fraud Wrangler as your new risk manager that never sleeps, and can see the future of every order. 

For eCommerce

The eCommerce landscape can be treacherous. Business owners need a streamlined solution that brings new and emerging MID preservation technologies together with one dashboard, one API, and one vendor.

Fraud Wrangler provides a single dashboard to integrate your alert platforms, CRM, and order analytics – so you can see the “full picture” of your MIDs anytime, and immediately take action when needed. 

The 5 Components

Five components, one solution – all designed to meet your needs throughout transaction and merchant account lifecycles.